About Us

Hey Babes!

Welcome to Beaming Beauty! I'm Laura and I am the owner of this amazing cruelty free & vegan beauty brand! I am first generation Mexican American born in LA trying to make her way! I love all things beauty and wanted to share my passion with you all! I hope my products can bring confidence to you and make you feel beautiful even when things may not be going your way. Always let your beauty beam! It's not always superficial but what it's what you carry on the inside as well! Beauty is really skin deep and starts in your Heart & in your Mind! Here at Beaming Beauty we pride ourselves in believing that beauty can and should always be cruelty free and vegan. By no means is there any reason for why animals should be involved within the beauty industry. 


We are a high quality affordable 100 % cruelty free & vegan brand. All our lashes are made from high quality synthetic PBT fibers, which are 100% vegan. With the exception of our Naturals Collection which is a blend of human hair and synthetic PBT fibers. Each pair is hand crafted to perfection with a hypoallergenic, soft, thin, adjustable and flexible cotton lash band. Our unique hypoallergenic cotton bands are made to withstand extreme long wear without irritating the eyes.  All our lashes are made with tapered ends to help mimic your natural lashes and show case a seamless blend of your false lashes and your own! 

Each lash is glued down to a sterile lash tray with a hypoallergenic glue, to ensure safety to everyone eyes. As you can see Beaming Beauty Lashes are made from the highest quality materials to ensure glam & safety. We have a lash for every shape.  Our lashes can withstand up to 25+ wears, with proper care.